Joe Howdyshell – Summit Endurance Academy – Bad Ass Coaching, Bad Ass Results

Joe Howdyshell

I feel really good about this episode.

Joe Howdyshell is a guy with a tremendous racing history and a strong science background that heavily informs his coaching style.

In this interview Joe and Joe talk about Joe’s history with endurance racing, and coaching.

From running and XC racing to Ski Mountaineering (Ski Mo) events like The Imperial Challenge, Joe enjoys a broad spectrum of endurance events.

We get into the philosophy and origins of Summit Endurance Academy. At least two amazing case studies of his athletes doing very well in even seemingly short periods of training.

After the show, I came away with the following thoughts  –

  • If you have a coach, follow the plan.
  • If you want to do something better in a shorter period of time, find a coach!

Joe coaches people from all walks of life from professional athletes to office workers on tight schedules. Being able to negotiate a home\work\fitness balance is something Joe specializes in within the bounds of someone’s goals.

You can visit Joe’s website here – Summit Endurance Academy – Bad Ass Coaching, Bad Ass Results


Joe Howdyshell

In this interview

Jill Preinitz – Shredding Summit

Jill, Ali and Joe discuss snowboarding, split boarding, SkiMo and a lot more related to living in the Breckenridge region (Summit County). We talk about the desire to be more nomadic, the reasons we moved to a place this like, starting small and slow (working up to big objectives).

Thanks a ton for listening. We hope you enjoy it and tune in for more in the near future.

Aaron Carlson – Friends of CAIC (Colorado Avalance Information Center)

Aaron Carlson and I discuss how CAIC works, the future of fundraising for Friends of CAIC, Aaron’s background with Water for People, future cooperative efforts between Colorado’s forecasters and other State and local organizations. We also talk about the pressure of media to push skiers and snowboarders into more dangerous terrain, and who needs to be more careful (the individual). I hope you enjoy the episode, and take the time to learn more about CAIC or your local forecasting organization. Let’s stay safe together and continue supporting our local forecasting organizations.


CAIC and FoCAIC Staff

Friends of CAIC: Where do your dollars go?

Derek Parron – RMU


In this interview with Derek Parron, we get into a lot of great stuff. Derek is the retail manager, employee owner and more of RMU. We talk about moving to Colorado in High School, trying to make a living in Breckenridge and attending college at the same time, working two jobs to help make your company more successful, RMU Apostle skis, traveling to the tropics and more.
Let us know what you think.

Rocky Mountain Underground

Mike Waesche – Rocky Mountain Underground


Mike and I discuss the origins, current state, and future for Rocky Mountain Underground. Mike is the founder and owner of RMU and shares a lot on this episode of Flow States. Check it out!
We talk about living in Colorado, growing up in the 90s, early 2000s park scene in Colorado, employee Ownership, product development, international business, and much more.

Rocky Mountain Underground